Agate (All types): Protection, good luck, balance body/mind/spirit, perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awaken talents. Healing lore: Insomnia, teeth, gums, stomach problems, stamina, insomnia.

Ajoite: Peace, harmony, heal old emotional wounds, sorrow, anger, fear, connect with Higher Self, meditation, remove and release negative energies, transformation. Healing lore: Powerful healing booster.

Amazonite: Integrity, success, joy, honor, creativity, self-esteem, calming, stress, self-destructive behaviors, psychic abilities. Healing lore: preventive, general health, heart problems, muscles, nervous system, tooth decay, osteoporosis.

Amber: Soothing, calming, cleansing, remove toxins, wisdom, purifying, intellect. Healing lore: Purify body, remove toxins, addictions, alcoholism, stress and anxiety related problems, poison, bone problems, heart problems, circulation, ears, hearing problems, endocrine system, fibromyalgia, intestinal/digestive disorders, kidney, bladder, lungs, general healing.

Amethyst: "Sobriety Stone", Peace, Calm, Inner Strength, Spirituality, Psychic Abilities, Dreamwork, Legal Problems, Money Issues; Healing lore - addictions, alcoholism, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, circulatory system issues, endocrine system problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune system deficiencies, and general healing.

Ameritine: Intellectual stimulation, attunement, optimism, remove negative energy, releasing, dispelling tension, connecting, psychic abilities, remove prejudice, inner peace. Healing lore: Boost immune system, chronic fatigue syndrome, blood cleanser, repair DNA/RNA, depression.

Andalusite: Seeing all sides of a problem, scrying, AIDS, meditation, Scrying, AIDS, meditation, memory.

Anthophyllite: Releasing, especially when things to be released cause problems or pain, cleansing, aura cleansing, writer's block. Healing lore: Colon, absorb neutriends properly

Apatite: Intellect, achieving results, healing, insight, humanitarianism, meditation, balance, creativity. Healing lore: Bones, form new cells, calcium absorption, teeth, cartilage, suppress apetite, raises metabolism.

Aqua Aura (aka Aqua Aura Quartz): Psychic skills and awareness, meditation, telepathy, psychic healing, distance spiritual energy healing, communication, awareness of one's own motivations, success, prosperity, protection from psychic attacks. Healing Lore: Throat problems, stress-related illness, immune system deficiencies, thymus gland.

Aquamarine: Courage, luck, purification, peace, intuition, inner strength, self-expression, balance, relieve fear, calms communication, angel communication, preparedness, protection during travel on water. Healing lore: throat, speech, chronic fatigue, eyes, eyesight, fluid retention, headaches, intestinal / digestive.

Aventurine: Healing, money, mental agility, see potentials, happiness, peace, opening heart, creativity, imagination, motivation, leadership, friendship, gambling luck, good fortune, career success, protection. Healing lore: Strong healing, vision (physical), blood, headaches, sleep disorders, circulatory system

Azurite: intuition, dreams, healing, insight, stilling the mind, concentration, self transformation, meditation, control energy. Healing lore: Prevent cancer, liver, arthritis, joints, depression, sinuses, skin.

Bloodstone: Courage, survival, adaptability, release blockages, renewal, strength, victory, intuitive decision making, abundance. Healing lore: Intense healing, emotional trauma, anemia, blood diseases, blood pressure, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, kidney, bladder, physical trauma, post-surgical recovery.

Blue Lace Agate: Tranquility, grace, higher spiritual planes, calming, gentleness, ease communication, public speaking, perform miracles, protection. Healing lore: Arthritis, headaches, digestive issues, growth, and bones.

Calcite: Amplify energy, lessen fear, reduce stress, p urification, peace, calming, memory, awareness, appreciate of nature. Healing lore: Health, general healing, physical energy, back pain, physical strength, teeth, bones.

Carnelian: Creativity, manifestation, good luck, precision, analytical capabilities, verbal skill, protection, protection from anger, jealousy and fear, peace, spirituality, reduce sorrow. Healing lore: Open sores, rejuvenate tissues and cells, rheumatism, kidney stones,other kidney problems, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies, neuralgia.

Chalcedony: Sacred for Native American tribes, stone of brotherhood, loving, kindness, goodwill, miracle stones. Healing lore: Emotional and mental stability, heavy metal toxicity, senility, dementia.

Charoite: Spiritual Growth, Inspiration, Transformation, Courage. Healing lore: Headaches, liver problems, alcohol detoxification, cramps, heart problems.


Chrysocolla: Easing heartache, harmony, stamina, wisdom, peace, love, communication, vitality, inner strength, purify a place, remove negativity, reduce fear anxiety and guilt. Healing lore: Asthma, TB, pneumonia, muscle cramps, arthritis, childbirth, pregnancy.

Chrysoprase: Good fortune, prosperity, balance male-female energy, love, grace, compassion, clemency, personal growth, mend broken heart. Healing lore: Eyesight, eyes, immune system, fertility, gout, mental illness, fevers, excess body heat, sexually transmitted disease.

Citrine: Success, intuition, comfort, creativity, physical energy, wealth, mental awakening, protection, good fortune / luck, decrease nightmares, remove toxins. Healing lore: Depression, mood swings, trauma, digestion, sleep disturbances, thyroid, general health, heart, kidney, liver, muscles, strength, endocrine & circulatory system, tissue regeneration, urinary system, immune system, fibromyalgia, addictions, ocd.

Coral: Diplomacy, wonders of nature, creativity, optimism, understanding of purpose, quieting emotions, visualization. Healing lore: General healing, blood, circulatory system, kidney, bladder, epilepsy, bone, bone marrow, eyes, respiratory system.

Danburite: Release Energy Blockages. Healing Lore: All Healing.

Diamond: Courage, strength, healing, protection, spirituality, mental abilities, love, bond relationships, abundance, amplification, hope. Healing lore: Genetic disorders, bed-wetting, lower cholesterol, flatulence, constipation, exhaustion, hair loss, lower fever, athlete's foot, prevent gallstones and kidney stones, gout, dizziness, seasickness, rheumatism, shingles, lumbago, hot flashes, sciatica, corneal inflammations, knee pain, headache, varicose veins, bronchitis, acid indigestion, paralysis, cramps, prostate, back pain, strains, sunburn, gums, cysts.

Emerald: Love, domestic bliss, sensitivity, loyalty, memory, mental capacity, harmony, focus, eliminating negativity, romance, memory, faith, truthfulness. Healing lore: Remove mental causes of disease and unwellness, disease, general healing.

Fluorite: Stability, peace and calm, impartial reasoning, responsibility, concentration, spiritual wholeness, psychic development, meditation, mental blocks, aura cleansing, protection from psychic attack, self-love. Healing lore: Health, skeletal system, muscular system.

Garnet: Remove negativity, romantic love, passion, sensuality, intimacy, career success, self- confidence, protection from evil, awareness, commitment, regeneration, order, insight. Healing lore: Health, cellular regeneration, blood, heart, lungs.

Hematite: Mental attunement, memory, calming, balance, grounding, centering, focusing energy and emotions, peace, inner happiness, transforming negativity. Healing lore: keep the body cool, blood disorders, nervous problems, insomnia, align the spine, mend broken bones, anemia.

Herkimer "Diamond" (Herkimder "Diamond" Quartz): Attunement, Mind/Body/Spirit Balance. Healing lore: heal addictions, remove toxins.

Iolite aka Water Sapphire: Intuition, spiritual growth, balance, releasing discord, awakening to inner knowledge, Shaman stone, visions. Healing lore: Strong healing, addictions, sobriety, detoxification, sore throat, varicose veins, blisters.

Jade: Fidelity, dreams, realization of potential, peace, accord, resourcefulness, accomplishment, emotional balance, protection. Healing lore: Heart, illness, kidneys.

Jasper (All Types): Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness, relaxation, tranquility, wholeness, astral travel, Yin/Yang. Healing lore: Liver, gallbladder, stomach.

Jet: Grief, mourning, protection from evil negativity and psychic attacks, financial safety, depression, sympathy. Healing lore: epilepsy, migraines, stomach pain, colds, glandular problems, lymphatic problems.

Kunzite: Understand others, interact better, heal “broken heart”, stress, anger, love, peace, harmony, remove obstacles. Healing lore: strengthen circulatory system, lung disorders.

Kyanite: Align chakras, channeling, altered states, dream recall, visualization, loyalty, honesty, tranquility, diminish anger, ease confusion, remove energy blockages. Healing lore: All healing, heart, throat, eyes.

Labradorite ( Spectrolite): Alignment, attract success, dreams, reduce stress and anxiety, spiritual connection, transformation, clarity, peace, progression, psychic development, discernment. Healing lore: Stress related illness, sensitivity to cold, anxiety disorders, gout, colds, rheumatic fever, lowers blood pressure.

Lapis Lazuli: Manifestation, wisdom, truthfulness, openness, communication, inner power, intuition, spiritual evolution, virility, self-confidence, objectivity, dreams, purity, serenity, guardian spirits, love & fidelity within marriage,protection. Healing lore: Sinus ailments, insomnia, depression, recurring fevers, vision, hearing, throat, lungs, immune system.

Larimar: Freedom, Peace, Energy Healing lore: Throat, upper respiratory system, schizophrenia.

Lepidolite: Hope, stress reduction, birth, peace, acceptance, spirituality, physical strength, luck, protection, emotional balance. Healing lore: Bipolar disorder, stress, anxiety, depression, manic-depression, despondency, PTSD, anger, traumas, panic attacks, addictions, glands, immune system, skin, nails, hair, DNA, enzyme balance, alcoholism recovery, pregnancy, childbirth, general healing.

Malachite: Transformation, insight, spiritual evolution, protection during pregnancy and childbirth, clarifying emotions, fidelity, loyalty, practicality. Healing lore: Radiation sickness, asthma, arthritis, tumors.

Moldavite: Enhance inner journeys, channeling, cosmic consciousness, crystal consciousness, extraterrestrial and interdimensional contact, transformation, raise vibrational level. Healing lore: All healing, hair loss, fertility issues, promotes new cell growth.

Moonstone: Introspection, reflection, beginnings, insight, tenderness, harmony, peace, travel, intuition, psychic protection. Healing lore: Pituitary gland, digestive system, obesity, water retention, hormonal problems, menstrual problems.

Morganite: Angel stone, heart stone, bring love or rekindle old love, communication with angels, compassion, empathy, self-control, patience, ease separation pain. Healing lore: Emphysema, tuberculosis, heart disease, breathing problems, throat problems.

Mother of Pearl: Mental clarity, intuition, sensitivity, imagination, adaptability, cooperation, psychic, protection of children, purify environment. Healing lore: High blood pressure, dizziness, vision, cataracts, wound healing.

Obsidian: Clarity, deflecting negativity, protection, healing, grounding. Healing lore: Buried emotions causing illness, stomach, intestines, muscle tissue, bacterial infections, viral infections.

Onyx : Self-control, decision making, conquer challenges, intuition, recognition of personal strengths, grounding, protection. Healing lore: Stamina, childbirth, wound healing.

Opal: Creativity, inspiration, hope, spontaneity, relationships, memory, happy dreams, changes. Healing lore: Eyesight, Parkinson's disease, depression.

Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity. Healing lore: Fertility, childbirth, digestion, muscular system.

Peridot: Warmth, friendliness, understanding, openness in love and relationships, regulation of cycles, ESP, find what is lost, protective shield. Healing lore: High healing energy, slow aging, ulcers, digestion problems.

Pietersite: Relaxation, relieve worries, courage, improve memory, tenacity, work with angels, astral travel, release deep emotions calmly. Healing lore: Body fluid balance, nutrition, gastrointestinal functions, endocrine glands, female hormones, PMS, menopause.

Psilomelane (Crown of Silver): Gazing, scrying, out of body travel, Healing lore: Correct unloving or not useful emotions and behaviors, lungs, pneumonia, diabetes.

Quartz (Crystal Quartz, Rock Crystal): Power stone, Intensify energy, spiritual development, healing, raising consciousness, counter black magic. Healing lore: Master Healer, diagnostics, pain, arthirtis, bone injuries, depression, fibromyalgia, intestines, mental and physical energy, stamina, physical strength.

Rhodochrosite: Love, emotional balance,"Stone of Love and Balance", cleansing, renewal, relaxation, expansion of consciousness. Healing lore: Digestion, kidneys, thyroid, pulse rate, digestion.

Rhodonite: Grace, elegance, peace, generosity, attention to details, calming, unconditional love, service to mankind. Healing lore: Emphysema, joint inflammation, light sensitivity, strep throat, heart disorders.

Rose Quartz : Love of all kinds including self-love, protection during pregnancy and childbirth, peace, happiness, gentleness. Healing lore: Emotional wounds, heart, the circulatory system, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines, sexual dysfunction, sinus problems, throat problems, depression, addictions, ear aches, slows signs of aging in general, reduces wrinkles, spleen problems, fibromyalgia, and reaching one's ideal weight / weight loss.

Ruby: Integrity, generosity, nurturing, spiritual wisdom, attainment of values, economic stability and prosperity, protection from distress, home and contents protection. Healing lore: Emotional problems, fever, constrictions in circulatory system, heart, blood flow, muscular system, throat, parathyroid glands, brain.

Ruby in Zoisite: Energy amplification, psychic. Healing lore: Heart disorders, physical vitality.

Sapphire: Joy, peace, beauty, creative expression, meditation, intuition, prosperity, fulfillment of dreams, mental clarity. Healing lore: Relieve depression, lower fevers, reduce inflammation, burns, hearing problems.

Selenite: Mental clarity,mental flexibility, decision-making, angelic guidance, access past lives, good business practices, removes energy blocks, love, clear and charge other stones. Healing lore: to remove blockages for healing, spine, skeleton, seizures, epilepsy.

Serpentine (aka "New Jade" and other trade names): Attract love and money, emotional cleansing, psychic powers, kundalini rising, protection vs snakebite, poison and venom, meditation, restore self-confidence. Healing: Parasitic infections, snakebite, venom and other poisons, cellular regeneration, balance female hormones, milk production in nursing mothers.

Silver: Soul mirror, intuition, psychic, improve speech, eloquence, enhance and store energies of gemstones, draw out negative energies, moon energies, feminine/yin energy. Healing lore: Heptatitis, eliminate toxins, headache, rheumatic pain, nausea, gastritis, obesity, diabetes, increase assimilation of vitamins A and E.

Smoky Quartz: Dissolving emotional blockage, clearing the mind, cooperation, grounding and centering, personal pride, joy in living, attentiveness to the moment, protection, good luck. Healing lore: Kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, fertility issues, water retention.

Snowflake Obsidian:Balance, serenity, orotection, gently bring issues to the surface. Healing lore: Veins, skeleton, and smooth skin.

Sodalite: Wisdom, logic, calmness, healing, stress reduction, companionship, self-esteem, work in groups, heal communication breeches, truth, intelligence, knowledge, learning. Healing lore: Glands, digestive system, insomnia, calcium deficiency, head colds.

Sunstone: Alleviating fears & phobias, energizing, cleansing, "Leadership Stone", decrease stress and depression, good luck, abundance, negative energy and psychic attacks turn to positive energies, personal power, life force energy, animal guides, spirit guides. Healing lore: general health, physical energy, sexual dysfunction, increase sexual energy.

Tanzanite: "Workaholic's Stone", Communication, intuition, protection, symmetry, decision- making, spirituality, slow down and take it easy, relieve stress, composure, harmony, poise. Healing lore: Stress related illness, high blood pressure.

Tektite: Wisdom, knowledge, withstand mental or emotional "stumbling," diminish or overcome challenges with mental processes, extraterrestrial communication, astral travel, lucid dreaming, strengthen one's energy field.

Tiger Eye: Self-discipline, practicality, protection, grounding peacefulness, clarity, intelligence, intuition & psychic powers, new experiences, financial stability, calmness, releasing inhibitions, integrity, willpower, prosperity, personal power, kundalini. Healing lore: Heal wounds, bruises, colon, digestion, stomach problems, eyes, night vision, reduce pain, alcoholism, reproductive system.

Topaz: True love, success, understanding of interrelationships, expression of ideas, trust, health, personal expansion and growth, creativity, individuality, hope, spiritual peace. Healing lore: Gout, blood disorders, hemorrhages, poor appetite, tuberculosis, reverses aging, tissue regeneration, endocrine system.

Tourmaline: Energizing, soul-searching, releasing, flexibility, happiness, objectivity, serenity, dispel negativity, ease grief, calm nerves, charisma, compassion, tolerance, psychic channeling, protection, raises vibrations. Healing lore: Endocrine system, reproductive system, cancer, genetic disorders, peaceful sleep. (Black Tourmaline): Ground excess energy, purifying, transform negative energy, protection, protection from black magick and the evil eye, deflect radiation from electronics, dispel fear. Healing lore: Obsessions, neuroses, emotional stability, immune system, heart disease, arthritis, brain tumors, gout.

Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, communication, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity. Healing lore: "Master Healing Stone", prevents illness, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, all health issues in general.

Unakite: Balance, re-birth, foresight, emotional balance, ideal weight, release blockages. Healing lore: Reproductive system, healthy pregnancy, development of unborn child.

Wulfenite: Move Energy, White Magic, Emotional Blocks. Healing lore: Reproductive system, energizing and revitalizing the body systems.

Zoisite: Trust in Universe, release fears, dispel laziness. Healing lore: Vitality, adrenal glands, reproductive organs, and strengthening the heart.